SAL Hospital

SAL Hospital is one of the best Multi specialty hospitals in Ahmedabad which is situated in the center of the city. The hospital is a multi story building facilitate with all the safety requirements. It provides quality healthcare that is integrated, accessible, affordable and appropriate to the community's needs. Where the hospital is proud to serve patients and one another, where meeting the challenge of complex medical needs is viewed as a defining competency and where quality and safety of care are a constant.

Both Innovative Healing Systems & SAL Hospital Ahmedabad came together to provide a facility available which is very rare in Gujarat at affordable prices.

Fortis C-DOC

Fortis C-DOC is committed to provide state-of-the-art management of diabetes, metabolic diseases and endocrine disorders and comprehensive care catering to renal, ophthalmic, neurological, cardiac, and metabolic ailments emanating from diabetes and other endocrine diseases. The centre offers the entire gamut of services which include treatment of adult diabetes, gestational diabetes and pre-conception planning, young onset diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, diabetic foot, dialysis; facilities for continuous glucose monitoring and insulin pump, hyperbaric oxygen therapy for foot ulcers, laser photocoagulation, specialty services for obesity and weight loss, thyroid diseases, bone and calcium disorders, women’s hormonal disorders, men’s health and sexual problems, growth and hormonal disorders in children, cholesterol and lipid disorders, special diets and nutrition therapy and brain related endocrine disorders. Value-added services include a Diabetic Helpline, Executive Screening, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, special snacks and foods for diabetic patients and diabetic appliances.

Both Innovative Healing Systems & Fortis C-DOC Delhi came together to provide a facility available which is very rare in New Delhi at affordable prices.

KEM Hospital

The KEM Hospital is the largest Non-Government Organization hospital in the Pune District of Maharashtra State. Run by the KEM Hospital Society, the hospital is a state of art 550 bed facility, It is also a tertiary-level teaching institution, serving not only the people of the city itself, but also a large population coming from the surrounding urban and rural areas.

The KEM also runs a secondary level Rural Hospital at Vadu, which serves a rural population of about 68,000 people through a network of primary health centers. All the major clinical departments like Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pathology and Radiology, are recognized for the Pune University MD and MS degrees and for the National Board DNB.

Both Innovative Healing Systems & KEM Hospital Pune came together to provide a facility available which is very rare in Pune at affordable prices.

DR L H Hiranandani Hospital

DR L H Hiranandani Hospital is one of the renowned hospitals in India. It is a state of art centrally air-conditioned multispecialty hospital with the milieu interior as per ASHRAE (American Society for heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) standards. It is a judicious blend of high-end technology, world class clinical expertise and outstanding personalized care with emulating global standards in healthcare. It has bed –to-Space ratio of 1:1500 sq.ft. in line with international standards. It has panel of internationally trained doctors and nurses & centralized monitoring capability of ALL hospital beds from ICU / ICCU. Its Builds management systems in compliance with ASHRAE Hospital has facilities like

  • Special Day spaces for convalescing patients.
  • Banking and conference facilities
  • Free of cost stay for the attendant with all meals
  • All medical and diagnostic services under one roof
  • Special facilities for the physically challenged
  • Energy conservation measures through efficient lighting, rainwater harvesting and water recycling

Both Innovative Healing Systems & DR L H HIRANANDANI HOSPITAL Mumbai came together to provide a facility available which is very rare in Maharashtra at affordable prices.